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PharminCell steps in when it comes to situations involving decision-making, organization or changes.
During the creation process, PharminCell acts by listening and helping in many different fields such as:

  • the investment strategy,
  • the interfaces with the regulatory authorities,
  • the assessment of the individual resources’ contribution,
  • the individual and collective responsibility-taking,
  • the operational management of innovation and changes.

Each intervention is unique and as such, it receives a specific support, fully adapted to the mission’s context. Our objective within this mission is to meet the expectations of all the different actors in this decision via a trustworthy and open-minded relationship.
Every time a project enables it, PharminCell deals with the approval process necessary for the eligibility of its intervention through the RTC aptitudes (Research Tax Credit).



PharminCell carries out case studies and situation assessments for its clients.
Thanks to its relations in the pharmaceutical development and in the biotechnologies industries, PharminCell gathers all the competencies and expertise necessary, at the quality level that is expected, for the studies it is entrusted with.
The field of these studies is vast and can range from a strategic investment project to the assessment of a market potential and collaboration.
We are aware of the complexity of some pharmaceutical development projects, particularly in the new innovative therapies sector.
PharminCell and its partners are equipped to assist your company in implementing pragmatic management and running tools for your projects.



PharminCell carries out internal and external audits for its clients.
When necessary or asked by the company, PharminCell can also join the internal teams to participate to the audits.
The audits, whether they are field or documentary, are all carried out via tried and tested methods, in reference to some duly classified texts and documents that are subject to the rules and practices of the business.
Belonging to a network of experienced consultants, whose reputation among the largest pharmaceutical groups is well established, enables to guarantee the availability of external consultants with a wide knowledge and experience of the subjects and situations to audit.



The PharminCell team knows that the operators’ training is the key to the success of the Quality imperatives in the whole process of design, development and manufacturing of the drugs for human use.
PharminCell provides training cycle to pharmaceutical duties as to Quality Assurance principles.
These workshops happen on site or can be organized externally. The method of the workshop, the content of the training, the quality of the orators and the assessment of the training’s quality are discussed and established with the training manager of the human resources department and/or the Quality Assurance Manager.
Traditionally, the trainings are provided to groups of ten to fifteen people and can be indifferently provided in French or in English. People are encouraged to interact and share their thoughts during the speeches and activities.
PharminCell is available to analyze and plan with you all the different ways to apprehend a happening in this business.
PharminCell is currently applying for the means, thanks to which it will be officially acknowledged as a vocational training establishment, recognized by the French administration.

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Fields of application

We support you every step


PharminCell can help you during the whole process of design, functioning, maintenance and qualification of your manufacturing plant (production and quality Control).
Whether it deals with the organization of the production environment, the organization of the support services or a reflection about a site master plan, PharminCell helps your company’s operational teams to find a solution adapted to their needs.
When necessary, PharminCell uses the best competences available within its network to assess the current situation, understand what is at stake and offer one or more solutions.
The notions of feasibility study and of rough and detailed draft budget are crucial in this approach. PharminCell can define the scope of the structured expression of the users’ specific requirements, key point to the initiation of any new manufacturing plant project. In all cases, functionality and simplicity of use, in compliance with guidance are the major courses of action of PharminCell’s intervention..


Quality Assurance

The daily knowledge and deployment of quality management tools are a social, industrial and economic necessity, in the pharmaceutical industry more than anywhere else.
We believe that, in order to deal with the quality aspect, we must start by a phase of close observation of the company’s systems and operating modes.
Then, thanks to the conclusions and analysis drawn from this observation phase, PharminCell provides a diagnosis and suggests targeted correctives actions, with appropriate deadlines depending on the company’s operational imperatives. The intervention of the team gathered around PharminCell aims to improve the understanding of Quality Assurance concepts and to make a better use of its tools.



The Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of rules common to all the drug manufacturers.
These rules vary from one country to another and from one continent to another but the fundamental principles, i.e. the patients’ interests, remain the same: security, efficiency, quality, and stability of the products. The interpretation and the compliance with these rules are part of the production’s Quality Assurance tools as well as of the drug analytical characterization.
PharminCell steps in your company and helps you implement a certain amount of measures in order to ensure, via observations, audits, training actions, that your company’s objectives are adapted to its means and to the supervisory authorities’ expectations.

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Holland, Germany, England, France

PharminCell is partner with a network of experienced consultants.
These experts, who have earned an international reputation of excellence, are used to step in many different backgrounds, from large pharmaceutical groups to smaller structures closer to R&D. Some of these experts are or have been commissioned by the largest international health institutions for review and consulting operations.
The consistency and complementarity of their core businesses led PharminCell to join this network, thanks to which PharminCell can step in and have access to competent experts in the following fields: pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnosis and associated businesses.
This collaboration reinforces PharminCell’s ability to mobilize itself for large-scale national and international projects.

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