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Consulting in pharmaceutical development

PharminCell was founded in 2011. It is a studies and consultancy company specialized in pharmaceutical development.

Based on the fact that small structures and laboratories, which currently develop tomorrow’s therapeutic innovations, have neither the experience nor the means to grasp all the problems they may encounter, PharminCell offers to help and guide these structures.

Generally, the final stages of drug development, especially in the biotechnology sector, are carried out in partnership with big companies that are more mature and more aware of the pharmaceutical development’s rules and constraints. These companies have implemented demands and deadlines, which enable to guarantee that nothing in the product’s genesis will jeopardize its ulterior development.

PharminCell’s interventions in the early stages of the process enable to insure that everything is made in compliance with the sector’s Good Practices. Indeed, these good practices guarantee the harmonious fluidity and chain of the next steps.

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Rémi Gloeckler

Created the company PharminCell
Rémi Gloeckler

After finishing his PhD, he joined the laboratories of Transgene, a biotechnology company, where he started his career as a researcher in molecular biology.

He then became in charge of the Quality Assurance, before participating to the design and implementation of the production and Quality Control and manufacturing unit for gene transfer vectors intended for clinical use. When appointed Transgene’s Vice President of pharmaceutical and industrial operations, he joined the board of directors with whom he shared the pending projects and responsibilities until he left to set up PharminCell, in September 2011.

This career path gave him the opportunity to face and analyze complex situations in an ever-changing operational context and in a regulatory framework that needed to be constantly interpreted. Rémi Gloeckler had to deal with many different fields: from the lab bench to the production areas, from the confined production of genetically modified organisms to the establishment of specifications and norms, and from the regulatory process to the management of interactions prior to the implementation of clinical trials. He managed to provide innovation to all these aspects via a reflection process, carried out as much with the internal staff as with the supervisory authorities.

This unique experience of the pharmaceutical world and more precisely of the development of these innovative therapeutic means gave him the opportunity to meet many companies focused on very specific fields of the pharmaceutical industry. In the majority of cases, these meetings have led to the setting up of audits and inspections in France and abroad.

During his professional experience, Rémi Gloeckler also delivered many presentations within international conferences and congresses, during which he managed to build up a large network of contacts. He also conducts scheduled interventions in schools and academic trainings.

This experience, doubled with the experience of experts gathered within the PCS network, enables PharminCell PCS-France to act as a trustworthy partner with major intervention capacities, and thus to cover all the development and drug production stages, and more particularly the innovative drugs.